3D printing in (small) series production

Patrick Bauer (HAGE3D) and Gerald Paschinger with the HAGE3D 84L
Patrick Bauer (HAGE3D) and Gerald Paschinger with the HAGE3D 84L

Gerald Paschinger Prototypen & Maschinenbau e.U. has been relying on HAGE3D machines for job order production for several years. The renowned family-owned company from Haag, Lower Austria, specializes in the manufacture of tools, components, devices and prototypes using a wide range of technologies. From CAD design, CAD development and planning, CNC milling and turning, 3D measuring, laser engraving and of course 3D printing – the Gerald Paschinger Prototypen & Maschinenbau e.U. combines all technologies.

„Fast and cost-effective tests, the use of various materials, low weight, little manpower, stable and solid components“ – Gerald Paschinger describes why he started with additive manufacturing.

The industrial 3D printer from HAGE3D is used to manufacture design prototypes, functional prototypes, devices, pre-series components and end-use parts, mainly from ASA, PET-G, PC, PA6 and PC-ABS. Gerald Paschinger sees a clear advantage of 3D printing compared to the injection molding process, especially in the area of costs, which he considers – especially in small series – too expensive and not economical. One of these small series is the air transfer pipe. The tube, which is made of two parts and glued, was initially ordered in a series of 11 pieces, with another 30 to follow by the end of the year. A finished pipe consists of two parts, each of which has a pressure area of around 271 mm x 492 mm x 280 mm (X, Y, Z).

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