Fields of Application

The possibilities of additive manufacturing processes are increasing rapidly. The material extrusion and the industrial solutions of HAGE3D allow our customers to use those  possibilites economically and value-adding.

The main motives of our customers for the use of material extrusion are:

  • to manufacture more complex and novel design options
  • Shortened lead time for parts supply / parts production

The scope of application can therefore also be divided as follows:

  • design models
  • functional models
  • Equipment such as fixture construction, fixtures, …
  • “Bridge Production” / Spare Parts for bridging
  • (Small) series production

Among our users are OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers of the industries automotive, aircraft, mechanical engineering, electronics, chemical industry as well as numerous small and medium mechanical engineering companies as well as R&D customers.

Model Rail Accesories thanks to HAGE3D

With the help of the HAGE3D 3D printer 72L, Hermann3D GbR was able to open up another business field in the model railway sector. A supply shortage of a major  manufacturer in the model railroad environment in 2016 led Hermann to produce model train accessories. The original idea to build the chassis of the part on the rest was – due to the enormous amount of time – discarded. Seeking a reliable and workable solution, the company’s search soon led to HAGE3D. “After a thorough clarification of the required framework conditions, we recommended our HAGE3D 72L for the company Hermann3D. With a component size of 340 x 115 x 135 mm, the chassis, which is made of white ASA, brings about 500 g of component weight, ” recalls Thomas Janics, head of the HAGE3D business unit. After only two test runs, the chassis could be produced without support structures and in one piece!

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Driver cabin produced by a HAGE3D printer

Walter Mausser GmbH relied on the HAGE3p A2 FDM machine to produce prototypes for their CAB 2020 project. The company from Austria manufactures driver cabins for various vehicles and attaches the greatest importance to “delivering the best quality in the shortest possible time”, says Wolfgang Szedenik, Head of the Research & Development department. The CAB 2020 project aims to create the ultimate driver’s cab for agricultural and construction vehicles.

Large installation space, fast system availability and short response times in support – these were the decisive parameters of Walter Mausser GmbH when purchasing a 3D printer. On the basis of this list of requirements, the company chose HAGE3D. “The HAGE3Dp-A2 has a construction platform in DIN A2 format with a height of 290 mm, which corresponds to approximately 70 l of construction volume. As an Austrian manufacturer based in Styria, we were able to assert ourselves not only in terms of suitable dimensioning, but above all in terms of proximity and reaction time” stated Thomas Janics, head of the HAGE3D business unit.

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Electric vehicle made with a HAGE3D printer got road approval

“Scorpion” – that’s the name of the electric car that students of HTL Salzburg made with the support of HAGE3D. Meanwhile, the vehicle even received a street legal approval and can be seen as a great success.

The goal of a technical school in Salzburg: the development of an energy-efficient electric vehicle. And the current vehicle, “the Scorpion”, also attracts attention with its unusual design. It aims to provide inspiration for future as well as sustainable projects and increases awareness for electrically powered transport.

The shape of the shells resulted from a flow simulation that can be produced almost 1: 1 additive and thus hardly limits the freedom of design. Parts got printed by the HAGE3D 3D printer 72L, the optimal and reliable solution for engineering plastics.

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