Electric vehicle made with a HAGE3D printer got road approval

with HAGE3D 3d printed electrical vehicle "scorpion"“Scorpion” – that’s the name of the electric car that students of HTL Salzburg made with the support of HAGE3D. Meanwhile, the vehicle even received a street legal approval and can be seen as a great success.

The goal of a technical school in Salzburg: the development of an energy-efficient electric vehicle. And the current vehicle, “the Scorpion”, also attracts attention with its unusual design. It aims to provide inspiration for future as well as sustainable projects and increases awareness for electrically powered transport.

The shape of the shells resulted from a flow simulation that can be produced almost 1: 1 additive and thus hardly limits the freedom of design. Parts got printed by the HAGE3D 3D printer 72L, the optimal and reliable solution for engineering plastics.

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