HAGE3D 3D Printers

The stable HAGE3D 3D printers offer perfect solutions for highly dynamic FFF rapid prototyping processes (enamel coating process), promise detail accuracy and highest precision. The large built chambers allow the printing of objects of any kind. Positioning accuracies up to 0.1 mm give a precise three-dimensional impression. Currently we offer 5 different 3D printer models. More information about our 3D printers can be found in our flyers. If you have any questions about the models or 3D printing and Additive Manufacturing in general, just contact us!

HAGE3D 3D Printers: 5 different types

HAGE3D 3D Printer 72L
Industrial big size 3d printer HAGE3D3D 140L
HAGE3D 3D Printer 140L

The Model 72L is the perfect solution for engineering plastics. The precise HAGE3D 72l for highly dynamic FFF rapid prototyping processes (melt layer method) promises accuracy of detail and highest reliability with positioning accuracies of up to 0.1 mm. More information about the 72L can be found HERE!

HAGE3D 3D Printer 84L

The precise HAGE3D 84L for highly dynamic FFF rapid prototyping processes (melt layer method) promises precision of positioning with a precision of up to 0.1 mm and highest reliability. The model impresses with space heating up to 85 ° C, an optional nozzle temperature up to 450 ° C and the new dual printhead for all common filaments, such as engineering plastics and metal filaments and is the all-rounder for the enamel coating process. Further information about the 84L can be found HERE!

HAGE3D 3D Printer 140L

The HAGE3D 140L can also print high-performance plastics from 300 ° C up to 450 ° C exactly. The impressive 3D printing solution impresses with space for parts up to 700 x 500 x 400 mm, optimized user comfort, an industrial controller and the individually developed HFFS system for optimum filament feed. More information about the 140L can be found HERE!

HAGE3D 3D Printer 175C

The HAGE3D 175C impresses above all by the largest built room (1,200 x 1,200 x 1,200 mm) and the variety of workable materials (ASA, M-ABS, PET-G, PP …). Of course, the printer comes with the proven HFFS print head. More information about the HAGE3D 175C is available HERE!

The HAGE3D 3D Printer models 175C/X - one of the biggest industrial 3d printers available
HAGE3D 3D Printer models 175C and HAGE3D 175X with 5-axis
HAGE3D 3D Printer 175X

Mechanical engineering in highest precision! This can be seen in the HAGE GANTRY 5 axis model 175X printer. Equipped with servo motor, absolute encoder and ball screws in XYZ, the highest level of reliability is ensured. The printhead features an innovative “High Friction Feeding System” developed by HAGE for multi-material and metal printing and mounted on a 3-axis Cartesian carriage unit (X / Y / Z). Unlike other HAGE3D printers, the print object is built on a two-level rotatable print table.

One of the many advantages is that the component can always be positioned in a suitable and appropriate manner relative to the print head. Thus, in combination with the HFFS system, NEW and MULTIPLE APPLICATIONS result for 3D printing in the material extrusion process. Further information about the 175X can be found HERE!