On September 9, 2019, a delegation of the Medical University of Graz as well as a press potograph came to visit HAG3D at Graz to  see the medical 3d printer “Med Mex”.  The 3d printer is an output of the interdisciplinary EU funding project “CAMED”. The HAGE3D “Med-Mex”, as the medicine 3D printer is called, is based on the HAGE3D 72L. The machine is able to produce medical implants that can be used for example for rebuilding a human skull after a skull base fracture.

CAMED Project

The project connects clinicians, medical scientists and mechanical engineers as well as industrial partners in a closely networked cooperation who have set themselves the goal of developing additive manufacturing processes that make it possible to manufacture patient-specific implants for different medical applications directly in the clinic. Learn more about the project here!

The HAGE3D Med Mex medical 3d printer (c) Bernhard Bergmann
3d printed CAMed logo (c) Bernhard Bergmann
f.l.t.r.: Stefan Prath, Thomas Janics, Matthias Katschnig (all HAGE3D), Ulrike Zefferer, Felix Pirrung, Marcell Krall, Ute Schäfer, Martin Tödtling (c) Bernhard Bergmann