3D printing for the perfect car interior: 3CON relies on HAGE3D

If you ever asked yourself how the interior of cars is made, ask 3CON. Since 2001, the headquarter of the German company is located in Ebbs near Kufstein, between Salzburg and Innsbruck, Austria. The plant manufacturer produces machines that cover car doors, center consoles and all other interior surfaces of a car with leather, palstics or other materials. The finished plants produce up to 2.000 parts per day. By today, the company is the market leader and supplies BMW, Mercedes, Audi, Porsche and many more with plants. In addition to the headquarter in Ebbs, 3CON has branches in Germany, Mexico, China and the USA and supplies the worldwide market.

Step 1
The HAGE3D printer is used at the beginning of the plant construction process. The car manufacturer sends the component construction file. Then a 3D model is then created from the CAD data, which gets printed from TitanX with the HAGE3D 140L.

Step 2
These prototypes are then used for setup and material trials. The printed prototypes are inserted in the „test plants“ and covered with the fabric sample of the car part. To activate the glue, the printing part and material are heated and then they get pressed and glued.


Step 3
On the basis of these „test persons“ and the results from the tests, the correct calibration and attitude concerning a series machine gets built, which also contains components that got manufactured with the HAGE3D 140L.

Step 4
The finished plant leaves 3CON to go into production at the respective car manufacturer. The plants are able to produce up to 2.000 parts per day, which are then processed in the cars.

The HAGE3D 3D Printer 140L and its output are groundbreaking for future automobiles and their appearance and interior design. It is therefore important that the parts printed with the 3D printer are extremely precise, so that the car doors and other interior parts can also be glued clean. In addition, the parts must match exactly those properties that have the later genuine parts. The requirements of 3CON to the 3D printer are:

• Flawless, reliable printing of components / prototypes made of PLA and TitanX
• Producibility of particularly thin-walled components
• Stability and accuracy in daily use
• Easy handling and easy to use
• Expandable material diversity if required
• Fast and competent support

These parameters finally led to the choice of a HAGE3D 140L, a popular industry 3d printer model with a large built chamber and a high variety of materials. The 3D printer has been in use at 3CON for about 2 years. „We are completely satisfied with the HAGE3D 140L because it meets all our requirements and we can reliably produce prototypes with the device for about one and a half years!“ states Martin Payr, Head of New Development at 3CON. „We already ordered a second HAGE3D 140L!“, he adds.


Ein mit dem HAGE3D 140L gedrucktes Bauteil (in weiß) als Teil der Anlage
Ein mit dem HAGE3D 140L gedrucktes Bauteil (in weiß) als Teil der Anlage
HAGE3D 140L im Einsatz 3Con Prototyp für Automobil
HAGE3D 140L im Einsatz 3Con Prototyp für Automobil
Die fertige Anlage dank HAGE3D
Die fertige Anlage dank Hilfe von HAGE3D
Fertiges Bauteil aus TitanX
Fertiges Bauteil aus TitanX