The Company

Since 2014 we were HAGE’s business unit in the field of 3D printing and have been able to build up a decent base of renowned customers and partners ever since. In 2019, we became an independent company, calld HAGE3D GmbH. Our 3D printers are still being produced in Obdach today, while sales, support and research & development are located in Graz. [READ MORE]


What started with a few enthusiastic and innovative people has become an established company by today, especially in the DACH area. As order volumes increased, so did the need for highly skilled personnel, which quickly increased HAGE3D to more than 15 employees. Most of them come from technical professions and bring much expertise to the company. [READ MORE]

3D Print Videos

Click here for the exciting 3D-print videos! [READ MORE]

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