Industrial Control Sinumerik

HAGE3D has the largest production machine – Model 175X. The model 175X works with the 5-axis kinematics and is equipped with the Siemens SINUMERIK 840D sl, with water-cooled servomotors, absolute value encoders and ball screws in x-, y- and z-direction. This precise machine construction guarantees the customer maximum reliability in all matters.


Higher assembly,  more efficient material use & better surface quality

HAGE3D relies on Siemens solutions for controlling the 5-axis system. For material extrusion, the SINUMERIK 840D sl CNC control – in conjunction with the SINAMICS S120 drive system and SIMOTICS motors – offers exact and dynamic multi-axis motion control. Based on the CAD model of the component, NX can generate the design strategy for applied methods using a 5-axis motion control system. The path calculation for the manufacturing process is equivalent to machining processes within NX and leads to executable CNC programs. In a machine with 5-axis motion control, there are two additional rotary or swivel axes in addition to the three linear movements. Thus, multi-dimensional strategies in the motion control and the relative movement of nozzle to build platform are possible. Due to the high dynamics and simultaneous precision of SINUMERIK, higher build-up rates, more efficient use of materials and last but not least better surface quality are possible.


Highest technology competence in a performant additive manufacturing system

The high level of system openness of the SINUMERIK 840D SL offers machine manufacturers the opportunity to integrate technological functions tailored to the respective machine: from their own machine-specific user interfaces to compile cycles, an architecture that is uniquely open in the market in the CNC core and in the drive. This makes SINUMERIK 840D sl the guarantor for the highest technological competence in a high-performance additive manufacturing system.

In contrast to conventional slicing software solutions, the requirements in 5-axis 3D printing are far more complex and extensive. Based on the NX CAM solution, the newly developed Multi Axis Deposition module is used. To program a part using the NX Multi Axis Deposition solution, the solid is split into thin layers and a build strategy is defined for each layer. This sounds like an ordinary milling operation in NX CAM, yet programming a material extrusion printing process is very different from programming a cutting tool.