Driver cabin produced by a HAGE3D printer

Walter Mausser GmbH relied on the HAGE3p A2 FDM machine to produce prototypes for their CAB 2020 project. The company from Austria manufactures driver cabins for various vehicles and attaches the greatest importance to “delivering the best quality in the shortest possible time”, says Wolfgang Szedenik, Head of the Research & Development department. The CAB 2020 project aims to create the ultimate driver’s cab for agricultural and construction vehicles.

Computer file of the pieces that got 3d printed

with a HAGE3D device 3d printed driver cabine

rendering of the driver cabine that was 3d printed with a HAGE3D 3d printer









Large installation space, fast system availability and short response times in support – these were the decisive parameters of Walter Mausser GmbH when purchasing a 3D printer. On the basis of this list of requirements, the company chose HAGE3D. “The HAGE3Dp-A2 has a construction platform in DIN A2 format with a height of 290 mm, which corresponds to approximately 70 l of construction volume. As an Austrian manufacturer based in Styria, we were able to assert ourselves not only in terms of suitable dimensioning, but above all in terms of proximity and reaction time” stated Thomas Janics, head of the HAGE3D business unit.

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