Fields of Application

The possibilities of additive manufacturing processes are increasing rapidly. The material extrusion and the industrial solutions of HAGE3D allow our customers to use those  possibilites economically and value-adding.

3D-gedruckte Anlagenteile und Betriebsmittel 3D-gedruckte Modelleisenbahn - Serienproduktion 3D-gedruckte Design-Prototypen

3D-gedruckte Luftübergaberohre - Serienproduktion 3D-gedruckte Polypropylen-Kanister 3D-gedruckte Autoteile für Elektroauto

The main motives of our customers for the use of material extrusion are:

  • to manufacture more complex and novel design options
  • Shortened lead time for parts supply / parts production

The scope of application can therefore also be divided as follows:

Among our users are OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers of the industries automotive, aircraft, mechanical engineering, electronics, chemical industry as well as numerous small and medium mechanical engineering companies as well as R&D customers.