HAGE3D 3D Printer 175X – Largest 5-Axis Gantry Material Extrusion Printer

HAGE3D 5 axis 3d printer 175X for big size industrial 3d printing of plastics and metal

The HAGE3D 3D printer 175X with 5 axis enables the printing of complex components largely without supporting material.

Mechanical engineering in highest precision! This can be seen in the HAGE GANTRY 5 axis model 175X printer. Equipped with servo motor, absolute encoder and ball screws in XYZ, the highest level of reliability is ensured. The printhead features an innovative “High Friction Feeding System” developed by HAGE for multi material and metal printing and mounted on a 3-axis Cartesian carriage unit (X / Y / Z). Unlike other HAGE3D 3D printers, the print object is built on a two-level rotatable print table.

One of the many advantages is that the component can always be positioned in a suitable and appropriate manner relative to the print head. Thus, in combination with the HFFS system, NEW and MULTIPLE APPLICATIONS result for 3D printing in the material extrusion process.

This distinguishes the HAGE3D 3D Printer 175X from other 3D printers:

  • Unique: First-time production of complex components largely without support structures
  • Optimized manufacturing of components in terms of topology and power flow
  • Efficient: Considerable time savings in printing and post-processing
  • Unimagined freedom for plastic and metal printing in novel geometries

Recommended Supplies


Recommended Materials

  • ASA, ABS, PLA, ABS-Flame retartand, ABS-ESD
  • TPE, PP, PA, PC, Metal (316L)
  • Arnitel 2045
  • Titan & other metals…








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