HAGE3D HFFS Print Head

The HFSS (High Friction Feeding System) printhead developed by HAGE3D offers a lot of new functionalities which are directly related to the extrusion process of technical as well as special plastics. The improvements include in particular the new two-sided belt drive. Due to the more than 35 mm long support surface between the belts, a correspondingly high collection friction of the filament is ensured. This is of great advantage, above all, in the case of brittle materials or highly filled materials with metal or ceramic, as well as at high feed rates of common filaments.

Ensuring Requirement of Process Safety for Equivalent Pressure Results

In addition, the entire printhead unit is thermally decoupled. To ensure a reliable process, regardless of the installation space temperature or the printing time, a constant temperature in the print head is required. For this purpose, the area above the heating block is completely water-cooled. The built-in water cooling system prevents the material from being heated or its viscosity changing before it enters the heating block. This serves to ensure a constant feed and at the same time prevents premature swelling of the material. In addition, the motors are cooled in order to prevent a power loss and disturbances.

Built-In Swivel Mechanism and Automatic Calibration of the Printing Table  

Another special feature of the HFFS variant is the built-in double-sided lifting mechanism and the mechanical precision sensor for automatic calibration of the printing table. The lifting mechanism is indispensable for reliable dual-pressure low-viscosity materials. The inactive nozzle is freed upwards and minimal filament residues of the nozzle do not affect the print result. The mechanical precision probe measures the build platform in the hundredths range and, unlike inductive or optical sensors, it still allows the use of all print bed materials as needed. Thanks to the four separately controllable Z-spindles, even very large construction platforms can be precisely calibrated.