HAGE3D HFFS PrintheadHAGE3D HFFS Print Head

The HFSS (High Friction Feeding System) print head, developed by HAGE3D, offers a lot of new functionalities which are directly related to the extrusion process of technical as well as special plastics. The improvements include in particular the new two-sided belt drive. Based on the 35 mm long contact surface, a correspondingly high intake friction is guaranteed. This is particularly advantageous for materials with special properties such as brittle, flexible or highly filled materials.

Ensuring requirement of process safety for equivalent pressure results

In addition, the entire printhead unit is separated from the heated space by means of thermal decoupling. In order to ensure a constant temperature profile in the printhead unit, the area between the belt drive and the heating block is water-cooled. Due to the built-in water cooling, the material is prevented from entering the temperature before it enters the heating block. This serves on the one hand to ensure a constant feed and on the other hand premature swelling of the material is prevented. All these measures ensure the required process reliability and ensure even print results with HAGE3D.

Built-in siwvel mechanismand automatic calibration of the printing table

Another special feature of the HFFS variant is the built-in swivel mechanism and the automatic calibration of the printing table. The swing mechanism is very important for both the single-extruder mode and the multi-extruder mode. The inactive nozzle is freed upwards and the active nozzle is swiveled downwards. The main advantage of this process is that the inactive nozzle does not affect the manufacturing process. The automatic pressure bed calibration by means of a precision probe enables the adjustment of the entire print bed up to 50 μm.

Influence of the installation space temperature on identical pressure settings in polypropylene
Source pictures: Profactor
Schematic representation of the HAGE3D own belt drive