HAGE3D HSK Printhead allowing CNC machines additive manufacturingHAGE3D HSK Print Head

For companies that have a wide variety of machine tools in-house, HAGE3D has developed a special print head (HSK = hollow shaft taper). This printhead can be mounted on any CNC machine. Equipped with a single-extruder print head, it is very easy to assemble and disassemble due to its modular design.

The smart option for in-house production

The HSK print head is ideal for companies that want to add in-house additive manufacturing without having to purchase an expensive Additive Manufacturing system. The aim is to offer the customer maximum flexibility with this unique opportunity and to open up new possibilities for fused filament fabrication technology.

In this system, the existing CNC machine takes over all movement commands in the x-, y- and z-direction as well as the feed of the tool, which is controlled by the spindle speed of the CNC machine and is directly proportional to the actual extrusion

process. The HAGE3D supplied Siemens controller then takes over the complete temperature control. In this case, as with a conventional additive manufacturing process, both the pressure bed temperature and the nozzle temperature are determined depending on the material used.

HAGE3D HSK Print Head: No Limits!

Another special feature of the HSK print head system is that there are no limitations in terms of component size. Each company thus has the unique opportunity to determine the size of the pressure chamber itself and to change it individually as required.

Download all information about the HAGE3D HSK Print Head here!

HAGE3D HSK printhead on cnc machine, view from the side

HAGE3D HSK printhead on cnc machine