HAGE3D Standard Print Head

The standard HAGE3D print head features dual-printhead technology. This allows to process two different but also if wanted similar materials in one production process. An advantage of the dual print head technology is the use of two different sized nozzles. This nozzle configuration makes it possible to produce the different structures such as the filling pattern, the outer sheaths, the soil layers, etc., with different layer thicknesses. Due to this configuration, the manufacturing process is rapidly accelerated. This is particularly advantageous for very large components, as they are usually manufactured in HAGE3D advantage.

HAGE3D standard printhead: Perfectly processed
HAGE3D Standard printhead
HAGE3D Standard Print Head

The filament feed of the print head works by means of knurled extruder wheels. On the opposite side of the contact pressure is set with 4 screws. This is particularly important in a material change of great importance, since this also affects the flow behavior of the plastic from the hot-end. After the filament feed system, the print head has an easily replaceable thermal barrier including Teflon tubing contained therein. The last element of the print head is the hot-end. This consists of a nozzle and a heating block, which is first attached to the nozzle and then fixed with a screw.

Modular and simple design is the main advantage

The big advantage of the HAGE3D standard print head is the modular and simple design. In the event of damage or error messages, the individual parts are replaced in no time and the system is ready for use again.