Model Rail Accesories thanks to HAGE3D

With the help of the HAGE3D 3D printer 72L, Hermann3D GbR was able to open up another business field in the model railway sector. A supply shortage of a major  manufacturer in the model railroad environment in 2016 led Hermann to produce model train accessories. The original idea to build the chassis of the part on the rest was – due to the enormous amount of time – discarded. Seeking a reliable and workable solution, the company’s search soon led to HAGE3D. “After a thorough clarification of the required framework conditions, we recommended our HAGE3D 72L for the company Hermann3D. With a component size of 340 x 115 x 135 mm, the chassis, which is made of white ASA, brings about 500 g of component weight, ” recalls Thomas Janics, head of the HAGE3D business unit. After only two test runs, the chassis could be produced without support structures and in one piece!

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