Slicing Software: Simplify3D® & Simens NX


The Simplify3D® software solution is used for slicing the previously created STL models. This allows to prepare the imported STL models for production based on the individually adjustable process parameters. This file type is also called G-code. The G-code stores all the necessary process-relevant data to convert a digital model into a physical model, layer by layer. Using Simplify3D, you can also set different material configurations and quickly adjust them with minimal effort. With HAGE3D, Simplify3D® is used for the 3D printing models HAGE3D 72L, HAGE3D 84L and HAGE3D 140L.

Simulate the 3D model with the slicing software

Even before the G-code file is downloaded to the HMI of the plant, the operator has the option of having the 3D model simulated in advance. The simulation makes it easier to see whether the chosen process parameters such as the number of soil layers, top coats, outer casings, the type and quantity of the filling and many more for the intended use are sufficient or can be adapted accordingly. Furthermore, this gives a better overview of the operator-selected speeds with respect to the respective structures in the 3D model. In this case, it can be estimated with appropriate experience even before the actual production, whether these are adjusted with respect to the material used and the selected process parameters such as space, Druckbett- and nozzle temperature properly.

Individual definable support structures

Since the fabrication of 3D models from an overhang angle of 45 ° is getting difficult in additive manufacturing technology fused filament fabrication (FFF) -meaning the extruded material does not have enough support surface – so-called support structures (supports) are inevitable. In Simplify3D®, the operator is free to create the support structures automatically or individually. In certain cases, for example in very complex structures, it is advantageous to define individual support structures adapted to the 3D model. This refers to both the number and the size of the individual support columns.

Other useful functions

In addition, the software solution Simplify3D® also has a lot of advanced options such as the creation of several processes with different process parameters in a manufacturing process, an automatic network analysis including repair as well as the ability to integrate his self-written G-code in the existing ones.

Siemens NX

Siemens NX is used by HAGE3D to generate a corresponding design strategy for the 5-axis motion control. Since the colleagues from Siemens have written the description very well and on point, we took it directly from the product page:

NX by Siemens PLM Software is an integrated product development and manufacturing software suite that helps you produce higher quality products faster and more efficiently.

NX offers all the important functionalities for fast, efficient and flexible product development:

  • powerful solutions for product development, 3D modeling and documentation
  • multidisciplinary computations of structural, mobile, thermal, fluid and multi-physical applications
  • complete parts manufacturing solutions for toolmaking, machining and quality control

NX and its integrated development environment will help you produce better products. Faster development, design and manufacturing reduce time to market.

NX is widely used in many industries through its integrated, flexible and open solutions for product development and manufacturing.

  • Synchronous Technology combines the speed and flexibility of direct modeling with the precise control of parameter-driven modeling methods.
  • No other solution incorporates multidisciplinary calculations so closely into the development process.
  • No other solution offers so many high-performance parts manufacturing applications.
  • No other solution is so deeply integrated with Teamcenter – the leading platform for Product Lifecycle Management (PLM).