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Thanks to steady, sustainable growth due to increasing demand, the HAGE3D headquarter at Obdach soon became too small. The sections production, accounting and technical administration as well as parts of the support remain at the location of the parent company HAGE in Styrian Obdach. International support, research & development and marketing moved to the city of Graz this summer.

3D Print goes Graz

HAGE3D location at Graz, Asutria.
HAGE3D goes SpaceOne at Graz. Picture: Copyright by Steinbauer

The additional location of HAGE3D in the Technology Park SPACE ONE at Graz has the core task of raising the full potential of material extrusion! For this purpose, the activities in material / process development and application analysis were subdivided to provide the internal research and development and the external customer with a complete material processing and application center. Among other things, this is ensured by the interdisciplinary “WPA team” consisting of plastics technicians, Machine builders and marketing experts. At the end of 2019, HAGE3D’s complete machine park – from a compact industrial printer to a 5-axis large printer – will be available in the connected technical center in order to be able to carry out R & D projects and application consulting flexibly and close to the customer.

The development topics in Graz include direct additive manufacturing with plastics and the indirect additive production of metal and simple ceramic components via a sintering process. The synergistic consideration of materials, processes, machines and components is also intended to open up complex markets such as medical technology. In addition, the technology center will generate advantages through its networking potential with relevant companies.

Obdach – Where 3D Print is created

HAGE3D 3D printers in the making at HAGE3D headquarter at Obdach, AustriaObdach, a small community in beautiful Upper Styria and birthplace of the Austrian ski giant Renate Götschl, is also birthplace of HAGE3D. Since 2014, we have been producing 3D printers for our international customers and partners and since then we are constantly putting additive production on a new level. In 2018, due to the massive growth of the company, the Obdach site was expanded by several office units and the new technical administration and accounting departments. As a result, the team at Obdach now includes not only excellent technicians, but also great administrative staff.

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